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Students Engaging CSME in Belize: Day 1

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A full day of engaging the CSME stakeholders has been completed.  So far, the Tertiary Students from Grenada have visited the following agencies:

  • Directorate of Foreign Trade
  • Bureau of Standards
  • Solicitor General
  • Belize Intellectual Property Office
  • Immigration Department
  • Social Security Board
  • Companies Registry

Due to the size of Belize, we also spent over two (2) hours travelling to and from the various offices and agencies. 

The first event in the morning was a special appearance on the Belize Morning Show, Open Your Eyes.  More information on this engaging show can be found here:  We were very excited to connect with this show, who found out about the mission and contacted us via our social media platforms: Twitter and Facebook.

This was followed by what seemed to be a 4 hour drive to Belmopan, or the New Capital of Belize.  In reality, the drive was around one hour.

We then met up with the various offices and agencies mentioned above, and here are some images of these interactions:





The CSME Unit of CARICOM is the impementation office which assists the Member States in fulfilling the requirements of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.



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